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Embodying the resilient spirit of our Haitian heritage, 1804 Realty Group stands as a premier Black-owned boutique real estate agency in Massachusetts. With a dynamic fusion of historical depth and modern solutions, we are redefining the landscape of luxury real estate in New England and Florida.

Our skilled team, leveraging over two decades of industry experience, excels in the mid-to-luxury real estate sectors across the Northeast and Florida. With an insightful understanding of market trends, we deliver tailored real estate solutions for buying, selling, renting, and investing, surpassing our clients' unique expectations.

In an increasingly interconnected world, we extend our expertise beyond domestic borders, welcoming international clients from across the globe. Our team is adept at managing cross-border transactions, simplifying the process of investing in U.S. real estate for our international clientele. Equipped with a deep understanding of global markets, we provide invaluable insights to navigate the complexities of international real estate investment. From Europe and Asia to Africa and beyond, we offer the same level of personalized service that is synonymous with 1804 Realty Group. No matter your location, we bring New England and Florida luxury real estate within your reach, facilitating a seamless and successful international real estate experience.


At 1804 Realty Group, we provide an array of personalized services encompassing real estate acquisition, selling, leasing, and investing. Our educational consultancy stands ready to demystify intricate real estate paradigms, equipping our clients to make confident, informed decisions.

Echoing the audacious defiance of the Haitian Revolution, we challenge conventional real estate norms. We harness innovation, utilizing advanced technology to increase efficiency and sculpt bespoke real estate strategies that transform client experiences in the Massachusetts and Florida property markets.

1804 Realty Group transcends the realm of a typical business. We represent the enduring spirit of the Haitian people, pay tribute to the legacy of our ancestors, and serve as a beacon of empowerment in the real estate industry. We are unwaveringly committed to our clients' success, fueling their real estate aspirations with integrity and unyielding passion.

Join us in revolutionizing real estate at 1804 Realty Group, your dependable ally for luxury real estate in New England, Florida, and beyond. We remain resolute in our mission to convert your real estate dreams into tangible reality. Whether you're aiming to buy, sell, rent, invest, or need expert advice, we stand poised to assist. Together, let's navigate your journey to real estate success.

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We strive to educate and empower our neighbors and clients in making one of their biggest investments, purchasing or selling a home.

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